Financial Advisors. With experience and passion for individual concepts.

ROTHER FINANCIAL ADVISORY advises according to a clear philosophy based on nine principles.


We do not blindly follow investment trends and the latest whims of the international financial world. We structure our assets in a future-oriented manner and focus on long-term value enhancement.


Our international experience and European structure allow us to create solutions that are successful in the long term – even beyond European borders.


Humane, direct and personal. This is how we build up our client relationship. Working together with you is the only way to achieve the individual optimum.


No two jobs are alike. No situation or history of assets tells the same story. That is why our solutions are only alike in just one way: their individuality.

Long term

Gaining short-term success through long-term risks is not a part of our philosophy. We think and act in your interests for the long term.


A stable asset structure can withstand fluctuations in the financial market, crises and dips in the economy. This is our goal for your tailor-made concept.


Long-term, sound advice and farsighted asset management can only be achieved through a wealth experience.


Having a continuous dialogue is a solid foundation for successful asset structuring. We remain your sparring partner for the assessment of investment opportunities, and we also remain critical with regards to the long-term increase in value of your assets.


At the end of the day, we always assess every decision for you in terms of its sustainability. It is only when a decision proves to be successful after having observed and evaluated it, that it then gains the title of being a good decision for your asset structuring.

The perfect pitch in just three days! Together we will develop the optimal pitch deck – you can explore your pitch with communication experts and eventually meet with business angels and investors. A workshop that really gets you to the end game